How I Lost Weight With Fruit

(Katherine’s personal weight loss story)

I lost 56 pounds on a diet consisting of fruit and vegetables. Read my story and find out how you can reach your ideal weight with fruit.

Yo Yo Dieting

Until I got married I was always fairly slim.  Although I was always on a permanent diet of some sort, with my weight fluctuating up and down a couple of dress sizes.  I lost a lot of weight for the wedding in quite an unhealthy way. I was trying to eat ‘free’ food on a popular diet to fill myself up such as fat free jelly, egg white omelettes, hot chocolate, meringues, chips and sweets.  

As soon as we got on our honeymoon I became very ill, and ended up in hospital at the airport with such agonising stomach pains, I couldn’t walk. I felt ill all honeymoon and for the next couple of years my health went downhill.  I piled on about 50 pounds, became quite overweight and felt really bad about myself.

HOW I got started on a frutarian diet

Regular Diets Didn’t Work

I tried every single faddy diet on the market but I always felt worse than I did before.  For me a diet that didn’t contain any fruit and vegetables in it wasn’t good for my body. A lot of these diets included a lot of processed foods which I now think is extremely unhealthy.

Focusing On Health

The turning point for me came when we were fostering a teenage boy.  I was feeling so ill and run down and decided I needed to take action and get well.  The doctors couldn’t work out what was wrong with me so I started reading books all about health.  I came across a lot of health books that explained how certain foods could be making me ill and that a lack of nutrients wasn’t helping my body to heal.

I discovered I was intolerant to dairy and gluten which were making me feel very ill, and even though it was so hard I knew I had to give them up or I’d have no quality of life at all.

I decided I was going to give a healthy diet a go, so I gave up dairy, sugar and wheat which was hard but I was determined.  I then started just consuming fruit, vegetables and a small amount of nuts and seeds.

6 Month Detox Diet

I decided I was going to go on a detox for as long as it took to feel well again.  So I gave up all processed foods and mainly ate just green smoothies, fruit, salad vegetables, and nuts/seeds and avocados.  I put myself on a fruit based diet. The very next day after starting the diet my digestion was massively improved and the first week I lost 7 pounds.  I stayed on this diet not deviating from it at all for 6 months as I was determined to get rid of my health problems once and for all. I did go through a major detox but my health problems were improving all the time so I knew this was doing me so much good.

Slim, Fit And Healthy

I got down to my ideal weight, felt the best I’ve ever felt in my life, all my health problems were gone and I was running for an hour a day.  I was determined to stay on the fruit based diet a while longer before deciding what my long term diet plan would become.

Pregnancy Weight Pile On

I then fell pregnant straight away and had cravings for fattier, richer warming foods.  I found it hard to stomach fruit and vegetables so I wasn’t able to eat as healthily as I would have liked.  I didn’t feel so good for a while and I ended up eating much more junk and piled on loads of weight again.

7 years on a green smoothie diet

After I gave birth, I had gained an extra 42 pounds.  I wasn’t devastated though as I knew I could lose the weight again.  I didn’t fancy going back my fruit based diet as I had done previously as I was nursing my baby and needed to get more healthy fats in my diet.

Even though I no longer followed the fruit based diet, I still loved the idea of getting lots of raw and healthy food in my diet.

When my first baby was born, she demanded a lot of my time and took a very long time to feed.  I didn’t have time to sit down and have filling breakfasts anymore and my green smoothies made with just fruit and leafy greens didn’t fill me up enough.  So I came up with my own invention – the Green Thickie!  A Green Thickie is a green smoothie which is a complete meal.  It contains fruit and leafy greens but also healthy fats, healthy forms of protein and more filling ingredients that make it much more substantial.  One of these Green Thickies would keep me going all morning and I could sip them in between attending to my baby.  The perfect solution!

Green Thickies Are Born

Although green thickies may contain more calories than traditional green smoothies, they fill you up for much longer so you end up eating less food and thinking about food less often than you would do if you were to get hungrier sooner.  I find one green thickie can fill me up for about 5 hours from breakfast until lunch which is great when you don’t have much time for eating. I found I could also drink them while I was feeding my baby or doing another job which made them the perfect food for a busy parent.

I set up my first blog, Green Thickies after inventing the Green Thickie. You can check that out here.

Controlled Weight Loss

Weight loss wasn’t the only benefit of being on a green smoothie diet.  I

also feel amazing eating this way – so full of energy and I can survive on very little sleep when my babies keep me up at night.

After my first pregnancy I lost all of the weight (42 pounds) I put on.  I was back to feeling slim again and I lost the weight in a healthy and controlled way.

I have a green thickie for breakfast and sometimes another one for lunch too and I find they give me so much energy and totally stop any cravings for unhealthy food which is fantastic for someone who just loves their food.  They also taste amazing too so I actually really enjoy drinking them. My kids and my husband both love them too and I can relax knowing we’re all getting at least one really healthy complete meal a day. I now follow this 7 Day Detox when I’m in need of a detox and to lose weight. It works for me every time.

How to find out more about the Green Smoothie Diet

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After 7 years of eating a lot of Green Thickies, but also a lot of standard meals out in restaurants, my health started to go downhill.

I was then diagnosed with celiac disease which had wreaked havoc on my body the last 7 years of eating the occasional gluten based meal.

After going on a strict gluten free diet for a year, I still was no better, with frequent health problems that would leave me unable to move for weeks.

So I decided to go back on my beloved fruit based diet once more.  Now I’m on a fully fruit based diet and once again I am feeling full of life and vitality, and have dropped all the extra weight I have gained.

So this is why I started Magical Life Of Fruit blog, as I truly believe that an abundance of fruity meals will lead you down the path to exceptional health, disease recover, weight loss and happiness for life, as it has done for me.