How To Peel A Banana (10 Ways)

How To Peel A Banana (10 Ways)

Today I’m showing you How To Peel A Banana. You might be thinking, well I already know how to peel a banana? Well I’m going to show you 10 different ways that you’ve never seen before.

We might not be able to get any variety when it comes to the taste of bananas, but you can always get some variety when it comes to peeling a banana! Impress your friends with these impressive 10 ways to peel a banana.

How To Peel A Banana (10 Ways)

1) Standard

Hold one hand close to the stem, while the other hand pulls back the stem until it breaks. The riper the banana, the easier it is to peel this way.

2) Banana Share

This is great for kids who don’t want to eat a whole banana. Just put both of your hands into the middle of the banana and snap it in half.

3) Monkey Magic

Monkeys are very clever when it comes to holding a banana.  They give themselves the stem to hold the banana. Simply squeeze the end of the banana until it splits, then peel it from the bottom.

4) Twist and Peel

Grasp the banana in the centre.  Twist your fingers in different directions.  The skin will snap open and you can peel the banana from the middle.

5) Gravity Peel

Hold the stem with the banana upside down and throw it away from you.  It will snap the stem and start peeling the banana

6) Chef’s Chop

Use a sharp knife to cut off both ends of the banana, slice lengthways down the banana peel.

7) Baby Fingers

Slice the banana all the way down leaving the skin around each circle. This makes it fun for babies to push the banana out of the skin and easy for them to get a good grip on the banana.

8) Length Slice

Slice the knife lengthways down the banana which slices the whole banana in half.  This is a great quick way to slice a banana if you are dehydrating long strips of banana.

9) Frozen Peel

How to peel a frozen banana?  This is a bit trickier because banana peels are stuck tight on when they come straight out of the freezer. There are 3 ways to do this. But I’m just going to show you one way today.

The first way is to wait 5 minutes until your banana has thawed a little bit. Slice off the ends of the banana. Slice the banana in half lengthways and peel using your hands.

Click here for my full video tutorial on How To Freeze Bananas.  

10) 3 Section Pusher

Peel a banana as normal.  Use your thumb to push downwards from the top of the banana. The banana should split into 3 natural segments. This is also perfect for making cinnamon rolls. See my recipe Cinnamon Rolls  (ONLY FRUIT, NO BAKE).   

I’ve also got one more really cool banana trick I’d like to show you.  I have a video showing you my MAGICAL Banana Slicer Trick.  It’s pretty unbelievable.  Click here to check that out.

Do you remember all the different methods?

Here’s a quick recap for you of how to peel a banana, 10 ways.

  1. Standard
  2. Banana Share
  3. Monkey Magic
  4. Twist and Peel
  5. Gravity Peel
  6. Chef’s Chop
  7. Baby Fingers
  8. Length Slice
  9. Frozen Peel
  10. 3 Section Pusher

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How To Peel A Banana (10 Ways)

How To Peel A Banana (10 Ways)

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