Banana Pancake Recipe (Only 1 Ingredient!)

Banana Pancake Recipe (Only 1 Ingredient!)

Today I’m sharing my  Banana Pancake Recipe, and believe it or not, it contains only 1 Ingredient!  And it doesn’t take a genius to realise that the one ingredient must be bananas!

Most pancake recipes contain disease promoting, unhealthy ingredients that will leave you feeling tired and sluggish.  But not these pancakes. There is only pure goodness in these pancakes and they’ll leave you feeling energised for the rest of the day.

Banana Pancake Recipe (Only 1 Ingredient!)

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These pancakes keep their consistency because the bananas are diced rather than blended or mashed.  

These pancakes are also portable.  I was never a fan of normal banana pancakes as they were too leathery, but I really enjoy these ones. And know I have food that will last a good few days if I go away, will be small enough to pack and won’t go brown and bruised within half an hour like bananas do.

I hope you enjoyed this 1 ingredient banana pancake recipe.  

I got this idea from and I thank Tiasha because the idea is absolute genius.

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Banana Pancake Recipe (Only 1 Ingredient!)

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Banana Pancake Recipe (Only 1 Ingredient!)

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