How to cut a mango (fast and easy)

How To Cut A Mango (Fast And Easy)

Do you love sweet juicy luscious mango, but you’re not sure how to cut it yourself? In today’s video I show you how to cut a mango (the fast and easy way).


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How to cut a mango (fast and easy)
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Transcript from the video

Hi, Katherine here from Magical Life of Fruit.

Today I am going to show you how to cut a mango, and I’m going to show you one very fast and easy method that you can start using straight away to get those mango’s cut.

Okay here is a cool technique that you can use for cutting mangos. What you do is you cut the cheeks off and we’re going to make a little hedgehog. So, what you can do, is you can slice checkerboards in the mango. So, you cut lengthways one way, and then horizontally the next way making sure you don’t go through the skin at the bottom, and then when it’s all cut you can just use your thumbs and fingers, press underneath, and you can press it up like this. And you can serve it like that, or you can actually cut off the pieces of mango into a bowl.

I’ll show you on the other side how to actually get the pieces off now that we’ve created our little centrepiece there. So, slice another cheek off the side of the mango and do the same again. Cutting down one way, and the other way, making sure you don’t go through the bottom, and then push it up with your fingers and we’re going to slice into the bowl here.
So, all you do is you push with your knife along the bottom of the mango and get all the pieces of mango off like that. Couldn’t be easier. There we go all done. Now we’ve got more flesh on here that we want to get off. So, you can either do it two ways. you can slice off all of the flesh, so you can cut down and round the stone like this, so that we’ve got one side off here, or you can just slice off the skin while it’s still on the stone, while it’s still attached, and then discard the skin, and then cut off the flesh. Make sure you get all the flesh off, so you don’t waste any, or you can simply eat this bit with your mouth and bite it all of that way. So, we’ve got this piece which doesn’t have any skin on, or we’ve got this piece here which does still have the skin on. So, you can either remove the skin by just running your knife along it, or again you can create little wedges, little squares and then run your knife along the top and all of the squares will come off. So, it doesn’t matter which way you do it, they both lead to the same outcome.

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