How To Make Banana Chips (2 Ways)

How To Make Banana Chips (2 Ways)

Today I’m showing you How To Make Banana Chips (2 Ways). You can either bake the chips in the oven, or use a much healthier way to preserve the nutrients, which is to keep the bananas raw and use a dehydrator.

Who doesn’t like banana chips?

They are the perfect candy because they are made from fruit which is incredibly nutritious.

Snacking on banana chips will stop you from bingeing on other much more unhealthy snacks.

The only problem with banana chips that you buy in the stores is they are usually coated in some kind of unhealthy syrup or refined sugar. This will give you blood sugar spikes, and be damaging for your health.

So its healthier and safer to make your own banana chips at home. It’s actually really fast and easy to make your own banana chips.

This is a recipe I make every week without fail and I think you’ll be joining me once you learn how to do this.

I mainly make these for my kids, especially my son who doesn’t really like eating that much fresh fruit. He doesn’t like eating fresh bananas but he adores these banana chips and he could easily eat 2-3 bananas just in chip form.

So once a week I just prepare a batch of these from all of my ripe bananas. I usually fill my whole dehydrator with these and I might use about 80 bananas in one batch. It sounds like a lot but I’ve got a great tool that enables me to prepare a large batch very quickly. Check it out in the video or the recipe below.

Because using a dehydrator preserves most of the nutrients, that is my favourite method. I highly suggest saving up for a dehydrator as you can get a really good one for quite a reasonable price now. Get the links to all the resources I use in the Magical Resources section below.

How To Make Banana Chips (2 Ways)

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How To Make Banana Chips (2 Ways)

How To Make Banana Chips (2 Ways)

How To Make Banana Chips (2 Ways)

How To Make Banana Chips (2 Ways)

How To Make Banana Chips (2 Ways)

How To Make Banana Chips (2 Ways)

How To Make Banana Chips (2 Ways)

How To Make Banana Chips (2 Ways)

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How To Make Banana Chips (2 Ways)

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How To Make Banana Chips (2 Ways)

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